The following QuickTime movies are early attempts at finding ways to create a "matrix" from which spontaneous animated images can emerge. (When painting, I always discover the image as I go, never anticipate or plan, and have done this for decades. I am trying to do the same with 2D animation.)

More info about the particulars of each piece is available on their respective page.

Latest pieces available here (updated regularly)


FB 1

Drums 1


 Video and music
1.82 MB 

Video and music
979 KB
 Video and music
1.91 MB 

SA Dr 1

SA Large 1

SA Third

Video only
2.6 MB
Video only
1.17 MB 
Video only
1.51 MB 

TempMovie 3g

Desert Train


Video only
2.13 MB 

Video and music
1 MB 
Video and music
1.43 MB 
Sonata Mirror
  Video and music
1.8 MB 

Please keep in mind you are here having a look right into my sketch book, all these pieces are studies in preparation for (hopefully) better and bigger works.


See samples of Morphing in Studio Artist

More QT movies done with Studio Artist
(8 simultaneous movies for a total of 1269K)

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