Morphing in Studio Artist

These movies are made by painting single images in Studio Artist and/or Painter, and then morphing them with Studio Artist's powerful "Morphing" features. This is opening many new avenues in my work, it helps do away with the tedious frame by frame drawing of "in between" images, something I have never liked doing (too mechanical).

Please keep in mind the fact that these movies are only sketches, nothing more.

New "movies" are posted regularly.
The most recent pieces are to be found at the botton of this page.

if looking for samples of work done with Bruno Herbelin's GL Mixer, go to this Vimeo page

Video and audio
Image 4
Video and audio
(1.9 MB)
CP 1 (2x)
Video and audio
(1.6 MB)
Fish (2x)
Video and audio
(1.2 MB)
Voyage 1
Video and audio
(1.4 MB)
Video and audio
(3.3 MB)
Video and audio
(1 MB)
Encore lui
Video and audio
(5.5 MB)
Dilemma 1 part 1
Video and audio
(4.1 MB)
Dilemma 1 part 2
Video and audio
(2.8 MB)
Dilemma 4 part 1
Video and audio
(2.9 MB)
Dilemma 4 part 2
Video and audio
(2.7 MB)
Video and audio
(3.3 MB)
Video and audio
(3.1 MB)
Video and audio
(2.2 MB)
Emeute (excerpt)
Video and audio
(9.3 MB)
Afghan Buddha
Video and audio
(700 K)
Video and audio
(2 MB)
Take Five (excerpt)
Video and audio
(12 MB)
Video and audio
(83 MB)
  Sogna fiore mio
Video and audio
(10 MB)
  Sogna Shaka 2005
Video and audio
(24.7 MB)
Madame Ose
Video and audio
(19.25 MB)
Madame Ose Arras
Video and audio
(29.56 MB)

Terra Artella Nova
Video and audio
(15.1 or 28.7 MB)

As time goes by, I am discovering new processes in Studio Artist which, combined with editing in Final Cut Pro HD, make working well worth getting up in the morning for.
The latest is called PaintActionSequence Sequential Keyframing .

These last three pieces are done that way.

Vivendo sem min
Video and audio
(42 MB)
Video and audio
(309 MB)
Video and audio

(16.6 MB)
Video and audio

(80.5 MB)

April 4 , 2009.

Here are newer clips, much has happened since the works above were posted.
My focus seems to be more and more on "Visual Music" (see my article on the Boston Visual Music Marathon published by AWN here).

Two films, "Liaisons" and "Rupture" were made with/for the National Film Board of Canada, with composer Jean Derome

Two films were also made with composer Michaela Eremiasova, "Shade Lost" and "Shade recovered" (more on the way), with the amazing Eastman Triana trio.

ne film was made with composer Wilfried Jentzsch ("Mugenkei"), and several other pieces are in progress (as with "La Folia" done with the magnificent Quadro Janas ensemble).

Most of the recent pieces have a dual existence: they are "films," and they are also silent videos presented as visual support/"argument" of live concerts.

I am also increasingly getting involved with live performances, improvising visuals alongside improvising musicians (see Pierre Hébert's report on such an event here).

I hope to be able to integrate the two approaches, studio and performance, into a combined process that will yield new films.

Video and audio
(104.7 MB)
Video and audio
(4.71 MB)
Happening 2005
Video and audio
(38.88 MB)
Daydream Mechanics V
Video and audio

(96.44 MB)
À Bicyclette
test 1
Video and audio
(213.25 MB)
Maryse 1
work in progress
Video and audio
(125.75 MB)
Civil War
web version, all
Video and audio

(78.6 MB)
web version, all
Video and audio
(195.49 MB)
Shade Lost
Video and audio

(40.87 MB)
Shade Recovered
Video and audio

(40.87 MB)
La Folia
movie (311.7 MB)
World Animation
Day performance

Video and audio
(53.23 MB)
live performance stills
Casa Obscura
Collective Improvisation
Schubert excerpt 1
Video and music
(266.62 MB)
Berlioz Dudamel
Test 1

Video and music
( 357.40 MB)
 L'œil écoute
4 Hands in
the same frame

Festival du
nouveau cinéma

Visual Abstract
(332.64 MB)
(443.04 MB)
Inemuri 2
Palais de Mari
Improvisation 1_5
(195.61 MB)
Scelsi "Ttai"
(84.63 MB)
Phrygian Gates
(142.60 MB)
Dream Algebra
(311.81 MB)

Scherza infida
(238.61 MB)

Terra Artella 3
(119.11 MB)
Ma Mère l'Oye
(333.20 MB)
Pavana glosada
(100.8 MB)
...lilac shrieks...
(252.17 MB)
NY Counterpoint
(336.64 MB)
Series Intro
Machinalement 31
(127.58 MB)
Machinalement UdeM 9
(89.41 MB)
Take Five (v.2)
(128.61 MB)
(246.99 MB)
(251.05 MB)
(294.3 MB)
E lucevan le stelle
(85.2 MB)
(120.53 MB)
Étoile filante 1
(75.54 MB)
Étoile filante 2
(53.59 MB)
Étoile filante 3
(78.44 MB)
Étoile filante 4
(86.38 MB)
Daydream Mechanics V in rehearsal
(164.65 MB)
Daydream Mechanics V in concert
(274.52 MB)
Étoile filante 4b
(86.02 MB)
Petit Lou
(131.8 MB)
Cantus novus
(287.7 MB)
(69.9 MB)
For Old Times' Sake
(74.07 MB)
Tango Noir
(102.3 MB)
Pavana glosada (v2)
(103.65 MB)
"What power art thou"
(123.53 MB)
(91.01 MB)
Pavana glosada (v3)
(118.7 MB)
La rosa enflorece
(95.4 MB)
(86.6 MB)
In darkness let me dwell
(120.53 MB)
(190.53 MB)
(122.76 MB)
(94.8 MB)
(500.54 MB)
    Al jorn del judici
(661.24 MB)

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