Terra Artella 3

music by L'Arpeggiata & Barbara Furtuna
from their beautiful "Via Crucis" CD

This test is based on a sketch, "Terre Artella" which was made a long time ago (2003), on another beautiful recording by Christina Pluhar and L'Arpeggiata, "La Carpinese" (from their "La Tarantella - Antidotum Tarantulae" CD).
This new version, "Maria (sopra La Carpinese)" seemed so close to the original recording, I had to test to see how it would work with the original images.
The match was almost perfect, except for the duration ("Maria" is almost 2 minutes longer), so I had to do some editing/adding to cover the full piece.

But the pulse, the breathing, are very very close, and equally beautiful.

Between "Terre artella" and "Terra Artella 3," there was "Terra Artella Nova."
In "Terra Artella Nova," Thierry Van Roy removed the original soundtrack and created one of his own, with the exceptional collaboration of Said "El Asfour" Mohhammad Najib who improvsed a chant on/for the silent images.

This process of creating multiple videos for one soundtrack, or multiple soundtracks for one video, fascinates me.
It has given birth to many projects: from my two NFB films (with Jean Derome), "Liaisons" (on the NFB site) and "Rupture," to several other films with Thierry Van Roy (such as "Madame Ose Arras 1" and, especially, "Sogna Shaka 2005" which eventually culminated in the "Jaguar" animation, part of the immense "Taïga Maya" realisation).

It seems to be an almost "natural" way to explore the mysterious connection between music and images, the ways by which they inform each other, and of the infinite spaces and possibilities that exist between them.

Visual Music is, to me, much more a way to explore that uncharted territory than a way to demonstrate technical proficiency.

I leave that to the many techno-plumbers...

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