Scherza infida
sketch 1

aria from George Frideric Handel's Opera "Ariodante"

Performed by Marta Infante, contralto
Academia 1750
Paul Goodwin, conductor

recorded on August 6, 2009, during the Torroella de Montgrí Festival of Music

This is a test, a screen capturing of real-time video image creation,
using the software "GLMixer" my friend Bruno Herbelin is developing "for me."

The test is one of "laisser faire le hasard" as we say in French, letting things happen on their own (as it were), setting up conditions in which/by which "things" may -or may not- appear, but conditions in which/by which one sets the ball in motion and watches without intervening, "serving" what comes up, as best one can, refraining from trying to control it.

This is felt to be in line with Philip Guston's "inherent composition," moving along the lines of Merleau-Ponty's "oblique progression" and of course, in total agreement with Husserl's
"catering to the appearing as it appears."

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