This series of images was made in NYC in 1978-79 when I started teaching at the New York Studio School.
I spent the whole year working on one motif, day in, day out, from the same angle, same distance, same lighting condition (as much as was possible), determined to really get into the differences an awareness of changing "internal" conditions could trigger in the "appearance of the drawing of the external world."

These drawings are as honest an attempt at dealing with "the appearing as it appears" as I had ever done up to that point in time.

This work represents a pivotal moment in my work, Nothing was ever the same after this period of work. In fact, this is about the time when I began to see that, no matter what it was I was trying to do, the "same" structure would always appear, whether I wanted "it" or not. Much of my work since has been a progressive acceptance of that fact, "going with the flow"as it were.

Please view these images in the order in which they were made, the last image is an actual photo of the motif all the drawings were made from/with (no peeking ahead please!;-).

Also, in our busy times, we tend to want "answers" right away, and the "journey" I am asking you to go through requires that you accept to delay gratification, and go through the following 29 images while not being certain "what it is you are looking at."
This is very much part of the essence of this experience.

There will be access to all of 29 images as thumbnails when you reach the 29th page (there is also a QuickTime movie, done in Studio Artist by morphing all the following images, movie that is available at the bottom of the forthcoming thumbnails page).

first image